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Careers & Recruitment

Bringing Young Men and Women Back to Agriculture

Berrycove Organic Farms is a climate smart, hydroponic greenhouse farm, specializing in commercial scale production of organic quality berry fruits and green produce varieties.

We are creating amazing job opportunities, all sourced locally. We want to encourage young men and women to consider high tech agriculture as a career,

starting now and growing into the future.

Work Expectations

We are a fast paced, commercial greenhouse farming operation located in Cove Estate, Tobago employing advanced Agtech with a focus on fresh produce import substitution. Our farm staff will have the opportunity to learn new skills using the most advanced farming techniques.

We expect you to be engaged, efficient, be able to pick up tasks quickly, and creatively stay motivated throughout the day. Humor while working hard and keeping a good pace is always a plus. We try to keep it fun, but we do have high expectations that we expect employees to do their best to maintain at all times.

Berrycove is a big believer in hands on learning and training at the farm. Working with our Senior Horticulturalists, we try to explain the “why” behind each task so that it holds more meaning in the ongoing work to maintain our crops. By learning from the ground up and growing with us, we offer numerous opportunities for growth and added responsibility with the company as we continue to expand our farms.

Instruction and Ongoing Training
Compensation will be based on education, experience
and dedication to the role
Sustainable Agriculture is the Future of Food Production

Advanced CEA technologies and solutions like ours, are an important and emerging trend

that is opening the door not only to better environmental practices, but also

new career opportunities and technologies.

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