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Chefs & Caterers

Locally grown. Proudly pesticide free.

Berrycove is a leading provider of locally grown, high quality fresh produce,

serving the freshest, tastiest and most nutritious produce to the TT market. We supply all businesses interested in our fresh produce and we are the first farm with

a direct-to-consumer and small business  e-commerce

online retail shop.


Berrycove operates it’s farm at the centrally located Cove Estate in Western Tobago, with direct delivery and shipping to all points in Tobago (based on minimum orders), and regular bulk shipping to Trinidad.

Grown Local. Sold Local
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Our fresh produce is offered to local customers and consumers including chefs and caterers, restaurants and resort operations, supermarkets, bakeries, and agri-processing companies.


“A higher quality ingredient means a higher quality customer dining experience.”

Eating 'local fresh' is always the best option

Trinidad and Tobago, like all Caribbean islands, is highly dependent on a wide variety of imported fresh produce categories that are often very difficult to grow in our climate year-round, through traditional farming techniques.  By employing our advanced farming methods, we can now grow these temperate zone crops in our environmentally controlled greenhouses.  This means our customers can now enjoy a reliable supply of fresh picked produce within hours of harvesting - all year round!


We employ all-organic growing methods and use no chemical pesticides or herbicides.  Our greenhouses are protected from all pestilence risk so we can avoid using these harmful control agents, and we use natural pollination techniques using Tobago’s own apiculture solutions.

Our on-demand supply capabilities mean fresh produce every day, an extended shelf life, and consistent quality.  We intend to work alongside our customers to educate consumers on the benefits of Berrycove’s fresher, tastier, nutritious produce.

Soon you will be able to supercharge your next salad menu with our unique new lettuce, leafy green, herb, and berry varieties.   We’ll be offering a wide variety of microgreens too, which are high in vitamins and antioxidants – a perfect way to top off all your menu items!

The Trinidad & Tobago hospitality sector is renowned for its amazing food choices, and we look forward to boosting the flavour and variety of your menus!  


Chefs, caterers, and bakers – fresh berries and greens are no longer a luxury, and you can now unleash your culinary creativity and make your menus pop, knowing that you can count on us to consistently deliver high quality produce, when you need it.

Attention retail, foodservice, and restaurant chefs

Berrycove invites you to submit your recipe for a delicious main dish that

creatively features our fresh greens or berries as a star ingredient.

We will feature your recipe along with pictures of you and your dish on our blog.

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