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Our Story

Reducing Imports.
Improving Regional Access.
Providing Affordable Farm Fresh Produce

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Growing Fresh, Nutritious Produce for Local Consumption

Berrycove is Trinidad & Tobago’s first commercially scaled climate-smart hydroponic greenhouse farm, located on Cove Estate in Tobago.  Our mission is to substitute the importation of temperate zone fresh produce varieties, to grow them locally, and to offer the local market a much higher quality alternative on a year-round basis.

Our farm employs the most advanced Agtech and horticultural standards

using 90% less water and producing 1200% higher yields

than traditional soil-based farming – all year round.

Why import when we can produce here?

Our goal is to produce the freshest, tastiest, and most responsibly grown fresh produce for our customers and consumers.  Moving to local greenhouse food production not only allows us to reduce food imports, and reduce our foreign exchange exposure, but improves our food quality and strengthens our national food security.   Later, we will be adding additional crop categories and exploring different ways we can produce food products for regional export.


We believe that when you eat well, you will be well. And we’re not just growing berries and greens. We are growing jobs, accessibility to fresh delicious produce and big ideas.

No Pesticides. Ever.

Berrycove guarantees that there are no harmful chemical pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides used on our berries and greens…EVER!

Growing, harvesting, and packing indoors, allows for the highest level of control over pests and disease.

Clean & Green

Our greenhouses are hydroponic. This means our crops are grown in water instead of soil.


Less Water

Our hydroponic system is rainwater fed and is designed for water recirculation and no agricultural runoff. This means that any water not absorbed by the plants is recaptured, recycled, and reused several times until discarded.  Even then our water is still good quality, and we will donate it to other local farmers.


Less Land

By growing food in our custom designed hydroponic systems, we use a fraction of the water required in soil-based farming.   In fact, we operate on non-arable land because we don’t need the soil.  We use certified substrates where required, and our seeds and berry nursery stock are sourced from world leading suppliers.

Our organic nutrients and fertilizers ensure rapid growth and high nutritional content across all of our produce categories.

Sharing knowledge, technology and product research

Berrycove is proud to be the first commercial farming company in the region to establish a direct partnership (under MOU) with the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of the West Indies.  Through this partnership we have already learned much about local agricultural conditions and we intend to foster this learning exchange by continuing to share knowledge and establish ‘on the job’ training opportunities for students in the faculty so they can learn more about our advanced Agtech systems.

Future growth

More than anything else, all of us at Berrycove want to grow your trust

and we will do that by consistently delivering,

clean, fresh, nutritious produce to Trinidad & Tobago.

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